The Great All Knowing White Blacula

by White Blacula

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released May 19, 2014

Gym Pest - Lead Vocal
Tom Hanx - Saxophone / Keys / Percussion
Zombina - Keys / Voices
Doc Horror - Guitar / Voices / Effects
General MIDI - Drums / Voices
Ben Digo - Bass
Para Normal - Clarinet / Voices

Recorded and mixed by General MIDI and Doc Horror
Mastered by General MIDI

Artwork by



Pyramid Twist
The Big Release
Son Of A Creature Man
Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees
The Great All Knowing


all rights reserved



White Blacula Liverpool, UK

By the time you start reading this, I will already be dead. Our Mother has prepared us - Big Release is at hand. Friends shed ugly limbs, ready to transcend. Little bugs, gleeful grins.
"The joy is contagious," she says. I see in my friends the first signs. Mouths foam.
I will place this letter in my shirt pocket for you.

Fly free, beautiful butterfly,
... more

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Track Name: Pyramid Twist
When I was a young boy
Growing up
In ancient Egypt
Sure enough
I met Osiris and Anubis
They showed me how to do the pyramid twist!
Like this…

Build ‘em higher, build ‘em faster
Obey your alien masters
Move in time to the crack of the whip
Now you’re doing the pyramid twist

Thank you
For the statues
From the vacuum

I'd like to give a warm thanks
On behalf of all us here at Mysterious Dimensions
To the brave people of Egypt
For all their hard work, beautiful penmanship
And unwavering cosmic foresight
It is because of you and your tireless efforts
That we are able to create terrible powers
And forge from the waves of space
New and intense vibrations
For aeons to come
We will never forget you
Thank you once again for all your help
Track Name: Son Of A Creature Man
When you go to school in a full body cast
You can’t get a date without putting on your mask
When you can’t catch a train without attracting rats
When you got no place to go
You know you are the son of a creature man

When all you wanna eat is raw meat
You keep getting bugs caught in your teeth
When you can scratch your own back using your feet
If that’s what you like to do
Then it’s true, you are the son of a creature man
You are, you are the son of a creature man

Creature man
He walked the world in a time before time
He had a hand in the world’s design
He had to run
And now he’s gone
But you’re the son of a creature man
You are, you are the son of a creature man

When you always got blood in your fingernails
Wherever you go you leave a sticky trail
When you’re eight feet tall with big green scales
When people make a fuss
It’s cos you are the son of a creature, creature
Man, you are the son of a creature, creature
Man, you are the son of a creature, creature
Man, you are the son of a creature man
Track Name: Ancient Moves
Well, you think you’re the first to ever get in trouble
For taking your dancing just a little too far?
A hundred years ago songs had a good hook
To get everyone moving and sweating in the bar
Dance like a killer, show em your fist
Dance like a teen who’s never been kissed
We’ll do the grapple, try out the sling
Grab yourself a queen and show her who’s king
I dig those ancient moves…

Such as fire dance, and the plague of frogs
And they did the pyramid twist
For forty days and forty nights
On fire

Now, Egyptians used to really have a ball
Doing the blue lotus and climbing the wall
They used to twist you for real before they had the twist
So dance like an ancient monster coming out from the mist
We used to do the monkey before we could speak
Used to let of some steam at mount Vesuvius’ peak
Forget break dancing man, gimme a break
There ain’t nothing like the thrill of a real earthquake

And the lord did say “Rise up from your tombs!”
There is life after death, so dig those ancient moves!
Track Name: Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees
I like my cars like I like my women
All pimped out and painted gold
I’m like a shark when I go swimming
In my platinum speedos
So what if I don’t clean my own back yard?
I’ve slavered for it all my life
I’ve worked hard to earn the play hard parts
You can’t afford to party it serves you right

Sharp elbows, sharp knees, you must have both of these
To succeed! Greed! You need…
Sharp elbows, sharp knees!

I’m a ladder man, your snakes are hissing
Is my monopoly at risk?
All of the lower rungs are missing
And I just rolled another six
Outside the sounds of sirens wailing
Somebody shoots and someone screams
Manicured fingers pump the volume
Up on my sexy flat screen TV

Buy low, sell high
Kick a hippy in the eye.
Track Name: She Comes In Cobwebs
Every night around this time
I watch her rising out of the slime
And her eyes…
…are even deader than mine!

She comes in…


Her skin is pale… well, what’s left of it
I don’t know what happened to the rest of it
Every time there’s a little less of it

She comes in…
Track Name: The Cosmic Constant
You change one thing
Everything change
The cosmic constant

Le boss, le boss, le boss seransero
No sa, no sa, no sa la tinto
Meso, meseh, mema manozonday
Le boss, le boss, le boss sinatro
Nastro vadan a nastro vandandeh
(drowned out by music)
Track Name: The Great All Knowing
You can lie through gritted teeth
You can hide in the dark beneath
You can question her strange ways
But you’ll be lost for the rest of your days
In the time before the light
She carved us with all her might
Mother nature, queen of the damned
Towers of strength forged from the sand

She knows everything

We will live to spread her word
Raven black, free flying bird
People weep when she leaves town
There’s nothing left, we burn it down
There is freedom in your death
You’ll see her at your last breath
Take her hand, read her lips
One last tremble from your hips

She sees everything

Ignorance is your only crime
They wiped her from the pages of time
She knows all your evils and more
Your death is the only cure
Now we live to spread her word
Raven black, free flying bird
People weep when she leaves town
There’s nothing left we burn it down…

She knows everything

She sees everything

The great all knowing
Track Name: I Did It For Love
There is a place where good souls go
Death ain’t sold there, you don’t grow old there
But for the likes of her and me, we’ll never see inside
We’ll ride upon a down bound train
To a firey pit for sinners
Where naked bodies toil and sweat
And you can’t tell who’s the winners

Take me
Me and my love
Take me where I’m wanted
They all deserved it
I wouldn’t change a thing
At least here I’m wanted
I did it for love, (He did it for love)

Mother told me to use my head
But she didn’t know what was inside
The voices told me to kill her in bed
And make it look like suicide
And in the midst of all the vengeance and fear
I met my one and only Jenny
I killed almost every devil on my list
But she had a bloody book of many

Now I can’t see the rainbows
I can’t see the trees
I asked her to stop
I begged with her “please”
But there were two that she wanted
Two that we missed
Two evil bastards not on the list
One was her father,
Her uncle as well
She knew where to find them
And that was in hell…

I did it for love (He did it for love)
Track Name: Spirit Walk
Last night I took the long way home
I took the long way, through the spirit realm
Where I said to the spirits,

And I held my crystal up to the light
And I made the hand sign of the eight legged bear

That’s when they appeared to me
The ones older than the gods
The blue ones who made the sky in their image

We made love through the means of telepathy
And it was a headfuck

They taught me to meditate
They taught me to levitate pencils

And in the time it takes a butterfly to clear its throat
I went from a foetus to jar of ash

I realised that my cells were prison cells
Light refracted through a prism cells

I saw all the colours of the spectral spectrum
And I knew oneness with supernature

And I thought “how can this be?”

“How can this be?”


And I put my hands up to my face

And I felt around for a third eye

And it had returned at last

But something was wrong...


Last night I took the long way home
And I’m still walking, even now
Track Name: Four Horsemen Of Apunkalypse
I watched as the kid opened the first of the seven seals
Then I heard one of the four living fame/sex dispensers say
Come and see…
I looked and there before me was a white porche
It’s rider held your inheritance
And it was more than he could spend
And he rode out as conqueror

When the kid opened the second seal
I heard the filthy creatures say
Come and see…
And then another rider came out, his tie was firey red
And he was given the power to rewire a man’s brain
And make him turn on his brother
To him was given your future

When the kid opened that third seal
I heard the third lump say
Come and see…
I looked and there before me was a black train
It’s rider was rocking a dildo shaped hangover
Like a crown of processed meat
Then I heard a voice from the pig radio squeal
“Make ‘em work for free!
Take their homes and friends!
But don’t touch that smackety-smack!”

When the kids opened the fourth seal
I heard the charitable personality say
Come and see…
I looked and I saw a blue nun
Her rider was named confusion
And he held pet persecution on his knee
They were given the power over the secret cities
To molest, extort and to divide
The wild children of the earth
…of the earth
…of the earth
Track Name: The Big Release
I was feelin’ good, I was at peace
(All the people talk about the big release)
It was what I had always dreamed about
(Could this be the thing that makes ‘em scream and shout?)
I would lie in bed, listening to the noise
(He never understood the other girls and boys)
I feel it in my soul, I can feel it in my meat
I can hear the call of the big release

I bet it feels good, I know I’ll be at peace
I can’t wait for the big release
I know it feels good, I’m sure I’ll be at peace
I can’t wait for the big release

What goes on past the point of no return?
(Will he go to heaven? Will he crash and burn?)
I’m feelin’ good and it’s my turn
(He’s open to ideas and he wants to learn?)
Do you lie in bed listening to the noise?
Wanting to be with the other girls and boys?
Dancing free, feeling your piece
Sharing with them all your big release?
Track Name: Mysterious Dimensions
Satan chose your wallpaper

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